Wordless Wednesday: Maui…Need I Say More?

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A couple of years ago our friends started wintering in Maui and so we’ve been fortunate to be able to go over there a few times to visit.

Today I wanted to share the last time we went.

I didn’t realize how much I loved sea turtles until I saw them in person. This one is making its way up on the beach to sun.
Maui Sunsets were A-MAZING!
Last time my son had surfing lessons with our friend.
Biggest Banyan Tree in Maui at Lahania. It was super crowded the day we visited because there was a cruise ship there that day.
One of my favorite pictures of my son and his friend chasing waves.
Tidepooling is another fun activity on Maui but you’ve got to be extremely careful of what you touch because they might be beautiful but some of these little creatures are deadly.
Beautiful day on Maui.
We were able to get quality time going to breakfast in the morning.
Another beautiful picture of Maui.

Maui is an amazing place to visit. Just pack your own sunscreen because it can be quite spendy if you have to buy it over there. 🙂

I’d recommend it because it is so relaxed and the locals are very friendly.

The first time we went we were surprised how manyy chickens there were on the island. I was expecting the lizards but not the chickens. You get used of them and then you totally understand the presense of Hey-Hey in Moana.


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