Take Baby Steps to Turn Your Work-Life Balance Around

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Take Baby Steps to Turn Your Work-Life Balance Around

When you begin to adjust your work-life balance, you’re going to be changing many different aspects of your life. In order to avoid getting thrown off by all the changes you’re going to be making, you should go slowly but steadily.

Even if you don’t like your current situation, changing it all too quickly could be a sudden shock to you, so much so that you might not be able to keep up with it. If this happens, you might give up on trying to change it for good.

For example, if you wanted to change your balance such that you were able to get more sleep, you shouldn’t try and flip it all around all at once. It might not fit into your schedule just yet, so try to fit the extra sleep time into one day.

Start off with whatever is easiest first, so you can get a sort of foot hold on things. For example, you might find it easiest to have your first full night of sleep on a Friday night, going into Saturday. Start with that and expand on it from there.

If you tried to change your sleep schedule all at once, you might not be able to fit it into Sunday night yet, if you have to wake up early on Mondays. You’d have to rearrange your whole schedule at once to do it in one night, which is asking too much.

In some cases, taking baby steps might not involve any direct changes at all, but rather things like planning and delegating. For example, if you were working a bit too much to fit more sleep into your schedule, you’d have to figure out how to spread that to work out.

Some of your projects might have to be shifted to other people, and you might have to plan out a limit on hours you can work each day in order to even out your work-life balance.

It’ll take some time and effort to make enough changes in your life before you can fully embrace a better balance. You shouldn’t rush into it too quickly, because you might end up ruining your chances at improving your balance.

Someone else might notice that you’re suddenly dumping a bunch of responsibilities off onto them, or you might not be able to adjust too easily to the new changes. Either way, spreading the timeline out more helps things go more smoothly.

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