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Best Page Builders and Funnel Builders

If you think back to the beginning days of online marketing, there was a big impediment to ordinary people being able to run a business quickly and easily. Mainly, it was because of the steep technical knowledge required to build a site.

If you didn’t have the know-how, then you had to have deep pockets, because some people were charging $10,000 and up to build sites for others. But now, there are many tools that help newbies and individuals who are intimidated by technology build a sales page or funnel with ease.

Page builders or funnel builders are easy drag and drop tools (in most cases) that allow people to create sales pages without having to know complicated code or even design graphics.

Many of these tools come with comprehensive databases of templates you can use. You have readymade layouts and designs at your disposal. One of the most popular tools among online marketers is called ClickFunnels.

But they’re not the only ones vying for the attention of the consumer. There are so many to choose from, including Thrive Architect, OptimizePress, GrooveFunnels, Samcart, Leadpages, and Thrivecart.

All of them have a variety of features and built in tools. Some not only help you create pages and funnels, but also have email autoresponders built into the system. Others have selling tools to allow you to have a commerce element built into your site.

There are some with the ability to build membership sites for you, too. You could replace other membership tools and pay less to have an all-in-one tool that does it all for you.

Another great feature some page builders have is a built in affiliate element. That means, instead of having to buy and install or use a third party system, your site can handle it on its own.

There are even page and funnel builders that can host webinars for you. But don’t buy more than you need. Just because a tool has more bells and whistles, doesn’t mean you need them all.

If you find a simpler tool that has everything you want, invest in that for your business. But do be sure to plan ahead. Just because you might be a new online marketer now, doesn’t mean that you won’t need more advanced tools later.

For example, you may love the page builders and email autoresponders and feel you don’t need video or webinar capabilities, but a year down the road, that might come in handy, depending on where you take your business.

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