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Best Marketing Tools and Resources

Starting a business on the Internet is an exciting moment in any entrepreneur’s life. It’s perfect for newbies and those on a budget, because domain names are cheap and hosting is, too.

You can get a wonderful free education on how to succeed by reading forums, participating in social groups, downloading freebies and watching YouTube. And even with the tools you need to purchase to help you operate your business, there are great deals and trials you can sign up for to keep costs low.

There are many different types of tools you’ll want to consider as an online marketer. ProveSource, for example, can help boost your conversions on autopilot. If you’ve ever been to a website and a pop-up in the bottom left-hand side of the screen told you that someone just bought the product, that’s what ProveSource provides – social proof!

Another pop-up tool is Convertbox, which is a tool that assists you in building your list by presenting the visitor with a pop-up at just the right time, among other things. These are not the pop-ups of long ago that blinded visitors and caused a harsh reaction.

You’ll find things you need along the way like Tube Buddy, which helps you grow your YouTube channel by assisting you with the selection of topics as well as the optimization of your video content.

Two other video tools you’ll want to check out are Camtasia, which many marketers use to edit and publish their videos with, and Screencast-O-Matic, which also captures and helps you create your video content.

You may find that you need product or membership tools, like WishList Member, which allows you to use WordPress to build your own membership site using the WishList Member plugin.

Or maybe you want to create a storefront! You can use something like Shopify for that purpose. A tool like DropBox can help you keep the files you need to share organized and protected.

If you really need help with templates for things like websites, presentations, graphics, or multimedia items like audio and video, turn to Template Monster to get what you need there.

There are all kinds of design helping tools, like Stencil, Designrr, and Tailwind, too. You can use them to create images for your products, lead magnets, blog and social posts. Then use a tool like Social Pilot to help you manage your social media marketing campaigns, too!

There are so many tools that have free trials, leveled pricing plans, and a variety of features. You may not need everything – especially al at once. But it’s good to know there are tools out there that make your tasks easier, faster and better than if you were struggling to perform them on your own.