Have You Taken on So Much That Work-Life Balance Is Impossible?

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Have You Taken on So Much That Work-Life Balance Is Impossible?

If you have embarked on a journey to achieve work-life balance, that is a commendable goal. There are many people who simply burn out and destroy relationships, businesses, their health, and more because they never address the issue at hand.

But don’t be surprised if there comes a day when you are simply unable to rectify the problem you’re experiencing where either your personal life or your career is demanding too much from you.

This is a common problem for people who are over achievers as well as people pleasers. If you fall into either of those categories, then you may reach a point of no return where it is not possible for you to balance out your home life with your job.

People who are extremely driven to achieve their goals often have blinders on to what is going on around them. Their focus is the envy of many other entrepreneurs. But it’s often to their detriment.

Instead of knowing when it’s time to stop work and tend to their personal life, they rabidly go after the success they want without stopping to consider how others will feel or how they themselves will be impacted.

Over achievers are the kind of people who have to do everything themselves. Outsourcing and delegating are foreign words to them. They can’t imagine handing over the reins to another individual in any capacity.

Even if you are adept at wearing many hats in your business, you may have taken on too much to handle. You may have tried to set up sites in two different niches or promised you would create something for your customers that you know you won’t have time to complete.

The reverse can happen as well. You may be overextended in your personal life, making it difficult for you to find time to work. This is especially true for those who serve as caregivers to children and/or elderly parents.

Maybe, because you were going to be working at home, you agreed to handle more of the household responsibilities than you can feasibly do each day. If this happens, you can find yourself struggling to keep up and support yourself financially.

The best thing you can do in a scenario like this is to stop and take stock of what’s happening. You may have to reclaim your time and divide it fairly among your responsibilities.

If that means giving up something you took on mistakenly, then you will have to make a decision about what stays in your life and what goes. This may be an easy task for you, or it may be disheartening. But it will at least allow you to live without being over-extended and frustrated.

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