Best Marketplaces Entrepreneurs

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Best Marketplaces for Entrepreneurs

Not everyone has or wants to have their own website. When you’re new to the online marketplace, and just want to sell a product or service without having to go through the learning curve of setting up and managing your own site, you want to look for a readymade marketplace that allows you to join in and set up shop on their platform.

Fiverr is a great example of this. They take a small cut of your earnings, and you get to list your freelance services where millions of interested customers can find you. What’s even better is, the better your feedback is, the higher you’ll rank and that gives you more opportunities to earn money.

You can find a wide range of services on Fiverr that you can list – everything from graphics to content creation, music, voiceovers, programming and more. If you want to work for others and don’t have a site build to attract clients, you can start here and level up.

This is also great for you as a marketer if you need something done on a budget because you can go to Fiverr and find the services you need to have delegated out to someone else.

Another site that lets you get started quickly and easily is Gumroad. On this site, as your earnings grow, their fee decreases, so you keep more of what you take in. You don’t have to pay anything upfront to use the site – they just take a portion of the transaction.

This is a very versatile platform because you can sell anything from memberships to eBooks to physical goods. If you eventually decide you want to branch out and launch your own website, you can use Gumroad there, too.

If you want to be a niche leader and teach your followers, but you’re not ready to launch your own site, try using Udemy instead. This marketplace lets you become an instructor there and earn based on the students you enroll in your courses.

It’s easy to use because you just plan your lessons, record them and launch it using their built in system. They have a whole host of tutorials in their database helping you every step of the way.

Another marketplace with a similar name is Udimi, but it’s nothing like the other platform. On Udimi, you can sell solo ads to interested buyers who want to email your list with their offers.

This site is a place where you’ll get connected with buyers. Or, if you’re in the market to buy a solo ad, this is a wonderful place for you to come and find what it is that you need from someone else.

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