Adopt a Mindset Shift to Allow You the Freedom to Put Your Needs First

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Sometimes when we know our life is suffering from an imbalance between our professional and personal worlds, we ignore it until it simply can’t be overlooked anymore.

Instead of waiting for a catastrophe to occur, it would help if you learned to adopt a mindset shift that gave you permission to tend to your needs. This isn’t something where you neglect your work duties in order to veg out in front of the TV or sleep all day.

But if you can handle it responsibly, it will help you to be able to keep a gauge on what your needs are and take time off to address them whenever necessary. This keeps you from being in a position of working through any suffering or stress when you don’t have to.

Essential Mindset Shifts For an Entrepreneur

There are different types of needs that you may have that would qualify for you to ease up on work and turn your attention to your personal life.

One essential mindset shift is to realize that time off is good.

For example, if you’re suffering from extreme burnout and exhausted, that’s a good reason to take a couple of days off, reclaim your sleep schedule and re-energize yourself.

A few months ago I couldn’t remember the last time I took an entire day off. I thought it was after I bought my house and took a few days off to move… because that is considered time off. 🙂

At that moment I decided that I would take one day off a week. Since I wasn’t taking any off that was a huge goal for me. Sometimes it still feels weird taking the day off because I get up before the rest of the house and it is so quiet.

Once I started taking the time off I started realizing that if I didn’t take my scheduled day off I felt burned out and unfocused or the rest of the week. When I take the day off I’m ready to go on Monday when I start work.

Another Major Mindset Shift Is To Take Time Off When Sick

If you’re coming down with an illness, instead of pushing through it and working yourself into a worse state of physical health, either take some sick time to heal or lessen your workload significantly.

This also applies to your family being sick. I don’t know if your household is anything like mine but it is almost worse when my son gets sick than if I do.

Sometimes, there are issues that don’t warrant purposefully unbalancing your work-life routine – such as if the house needs a thorough cleaning. That’s something you can achieve in increments or by outsourcing it to a professional.

Types of time off may vary, too. If you’re suffering from a lack of energy, you may not need to take two or three days off. You might just need to schedule in a 20-minute power nap in the middle of the day when you’re most lagging.

You might just need to readjust the schedule so that your hours are different. For example, if your needs include something where you need to reconnect with your spouse or kids, then you can choose to work different hours instead of taking a lot of time off.

Strategically, you want to make the smallest adjustment necessary so that you won’t have to play catch up when everything calms down and you return to the process of devoting more time to a proper balance with your work and personal life.

Understand that it’s not only acceptable, but it’s responsible to ensure your needs are met so that you can be the best niche leader you can possibly be. If your mind is always on something else, you won’t be able to step up and serve your audience in the best way possible.

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