Everyone Faces Challenges In Their Business

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Yesterday, someone made a comment to me that I appreciated. They said that they like that I share my challenges with my audience.  I’m very thankful for that comment because sometimes I feel like I share too much of the issues that come up in my business, my products, and my mindset. 

I still tell you about them because I think it is important for others to know that building and growing a business takes time, patience and comes with challenges. 

I just celebrated my five year business anniversary and I still face challenges.  That’s because we’re always growing and evolving both as people and as a business.  I am NOT the same person I was five years ago and my business is not the same. 

We live our life and things that happen in our life affect us, so in turn that impacts our business.  Last year my business grew, but this year I’ve been struggling with my mindset. 

The pandemic affected me in some way and I’m trying to figure out how and work on it, plus as you may know I purchased a house in October and that is causing me tremendous stress.  I’m sure as I get used to the payments and bills that come with it I’ll be fine, but for now, it is stressful.  🙂

I know that I’m not giving myself grace and am being way harder on myself then I probably should.  I feel like I should be farther a long then I am.  I’m disappointed in what I accomplished last year and am annoyed about my business in general.  They’re all bottled up and affecting every part of my business and my personal life.  I recognize that what I’m going through is personal and I’m working on them.

The point that I’m making is that whatever you see on the surface isn’t what is happening behind the scenes and we all face challenges.  So if you’re going through something right now, know that it is normal and just keep pushing through because it is a phase.  You’ll break through to the other side. 

Keep on keeping on because even though you’re struggling and not sure about what you’re doing that doesn’t mean you can’t still grow your business.

I probably told you more than I normally would – at least all at once, but like I said I think it is important to know that everyone goes through these things, and growing a business isn’t easy.  Sometimes people make it seem like it is.  Keep taking action.  🙂 

Also, know that I’m okay.  I’ll work through it. 


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