Best Keyword Research Tracking Tools

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Best Keyword Research and Tracking Tools

Picking a niche and a business model is easy to do without conducting in depth keyword research. But almost every other aspect of your business will require it. From choosing the right domain name to developing content for your blog – keywords and phrases are what will tell your audience what your page is about and help search engines rank it to perform better for you.

Many newbie marketers don’t know how to conduct keyword research and even those who do don’t know which tool is best to deliver the right results. There are many different features among the many keyword tools on the market.

One of the best keyword tools on the market is Semrush, which helps you with your SEO, content marketing, and more. KWFinder is another popular one that helps you tap into the long tail keywords that you can easily rank, like LongTailPro does, also. is a tool that takes keyword research to the next level, helping you optimize your content for the search engines. Some people prefer something more simplistic, like AnswerThePublic, which shows you exactly what people are asking about your niche topic.

But getting keywords and creating great content isn’t the only task you have when striving for online success. You want the ability to track and tweak your efforts, too – and there are tools that can help you with that, rather than you having to do it manually.

Improvely is a tool that not only helps you track and tests your marketing content, but also assists you in optimizing everything so that it performs better for you. They have a free test trial you can use to see if this is the right tool for you.

Tools like this can deliver incredible traffic reports that pinpoint exactly where you money is coming from. That way, you’re not left guessing and continuing to spend time on the wrong things.

ClickMagick is another tracking tool that can help you improve your business. They also have a free 2-week trial so you can test the features and see if their tracking abilities help you optimize your efforts.

Using tracking tools on the market, you’ll know when a visitor decided to leave your funnel, helping you tweak it to prevent future losses. You’ll get profiles of your customers to learn their spending habits with you, and you’ll be able to split test your pages to see what performs best with your target audience.

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