Have You Become Addicted to Success?

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Have You Become Addicted to Success?

Most people’s problems with their work-life balance comes from the fact that they don’t enjoy work very much, and wish they had more time at home to do things they needed to do there. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Some people really do enjoy work, almost a little too much. These people love to work and love their jobs, and will spend tons of time there without any complaints at all. Often times, this is because they love seeing more profits roll in.

If you’re in such a position that you’re able to succeed in your job consistently, and are able to pull in a bunch of money, you should be happy with that, but it’s easy to get addicted to it and ignore your other responsibilities and needs.

This isn’t a very common problem for many people, so you might think you should approach it the same way you would with someone who doesn’t like their job but still spends too much time there.

However, that’s not quite true. Really, the problem in this case is doing less of what you like in order to have a better work-life balance. In this way, it’s like getting people to do more work when they’re spending too much time at home.

As such, you should keep in mind that even though it might seem like a damper on your love of excessive success, you cannot ignore your responsibilities at home just because you make more work for yourself at your job.

There are so many important things awaiting you at home. From your kids to your spouse to your own family, there are tons of people who need to spend more time with you, especially if you spend a lot of it on work projects.

If you earn plenty of money, you need to learn to be content enough with what you’ve got, and be glad that you can allocate more time to your family and friends and less time to work.

Those that get too involved in their work often are blind to how important those things are in their lives until they’re gone. Once your family stops talking to you or your kids grow distant, you’ll realize just how much you need them.

Before it gets that bad, take steps to back off from work a bit and spend more time with those who need your attention. It’s much easier to avoid these kinds of problems from the start rather than fixing them later on.

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