Wordless Wednesday: Pacific Northwest

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I live in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve lived here my entire life and I believe it is absolutely beautiful. It is full of color. We do have quite a bit of rain to get this beautiful scenery.

I’d love to share the wonders of the area around me.

A few years ago we went hiking and found this.
When my son was small our friend took us on a train ride and one stop was at Moulton Falls. You can also get to it by driving and is worth it because there are tons of trails around the area.
We live close enough to the beach to be able to drive there in a couple of hours. The beach is a popular place to go play for the day or the weekend.
Battle Ground Lake – It has some amazing trails, but don’t get in the water or eat the fish form here. Most of the time they have a warning about ecoli. But the lake is small enough to walk around and you’ll get your exercise.
I believe this is a duck pond in our area. A few years ago they used to have Nutrias in there as well. It was a fun place to do and spend time watching the ducks and Nutrias. 🙂
We have amazing flowers that grow in our area.
I love all the ferns. They are so beautiful. This is a local trail we went on a few weeks ago. It is rainy but so pretty.
A tree but doesn’t it look cool. This is the same trail as the previous picture.
There are tons of rivers in the area. Right now this one is very high but during the summer it is a good swim hole.
Orcas Island and the ferry.

In the Pacific Northwest, you can find mountains, forests, islands, and the beach. We’ve got so much that we can see and do.


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