5 Multiplication Games & Learning Tools For Kids

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This year for our homeschooling curriculum I decided that we were going to use Multiplication Games and learning tools. My son does well in math but teaching multiplication or practicing them is another matter. So I decided we’d work with multiplication games.

This is the easiest way to help your child to learn multiplication is through repetition and using multiple different ways to do that. At least this is how my child learns.

Cool Multiplication Games

One game that was recommended to us was Dragon Times. It is a game where you catch and then tame your dragons.

We’ve found that it doesn’t take long to play and is a fun family multiplication game.

You’ll get a multiplication chart with the game and that comes in handy for your children. As you play the game more – they’ll rely on that less and less.

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This is a fun game to play and learn multiplication

Multiplication & Skip Counting Game

Pet Me is a fun game and you can use it for children as young as six years old. This game allows children to adopt animals.

They won’t even realize how much math is going on as they play. These are the best types of games.

This does have a lot of counting so it might not be the best option for older children (10+ years).

Fun Game to Learn Multiplication
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This is a game for younger users and will teach them multiplication and skip counting.

Fun Homeschooling Multiplication Workbook

I bought this multiplication workbook at the beginning of the year. It is very repetitive with the time’s table so if your child doesn’t like this type of work – I’d find a different workbook to get them.

Every few pages there is a time’s table to be filled out in varying degrees. Sometimes it is just the 5’s or the 3’s and other times it is the whole table.

It also offers logic puzzles and multiplication practice all throughout.

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This is great for learning and practicing multiplication.

Multiplication – Learning Wrapups

Children love these multiplication wrapups. They’re engaging and challenging for them. They come in a fun key-shape.

They are easy to use.

Your child wraps the string from the problem to the answer. It helps engage more than one learning ability so it is easier for them to learn.

All the practice they’ll get won’t even seem like they’re learning and they’ll start to retain it quickly.

Use Multiplication Wrapups For PracticeK
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Help your kids improve their skills this these wrapups.

Multiplication and Division Flashcards

I like the fact that these flashcards offer both multiplication and division and they’re different than regular ones. They fit nicely in your child’s hand and then they cover up one of the corners. Depending on which corner they could be working on multiplication or division.

They are color-coded and that makes them easy for your child to know if they’re multiplying or dividing.

Learn Multiplication and Division
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These can be used for multiplication, as well as division.

There are literally hundreds of cool multiplication games and tools to use to help your child learn or improve this skill. Like most things, the key is finding the best option for your family.

I’ve shared five different games and tools for you to use. These all use the hands-on or Kinesthetic approach.

My son learns a few different ways and so I’ve got to mix things up for him and all of these types of learning tools help.


I’d love to hear ways you’ve been teaching or helping improve your child’s multiplication skills. Please share in the comments below.

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