Self Doubt Creeps In – Sucker Punches When Least Expected

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A few weeks ago I was on a rollercoaster of emotions and I wanted to share my experience with you.  It wasn’t just one day though.  It was the entire week.  Nothing seemed to get done and then I started doubting everything.

Do you have weeks like that?  The days or weeks that nothing seems to go right or you’re always doubting what you’re doing?

One minute you’re fine and create an amazing sales page and are proud of your accomplishment…which you should be!  Then the next day said product isn’t getting very many sales and BAM!!! — you’re back to totally doubting yourself.  This is how that week was for me.  Don’t worry this is completely normal but isn’t fun to experience.

Even though it is normal you can’t let this get you down for very long.  These times make me feel miserable.  I see other people releasing products and are flourishing, but not me with this product.

I tell myself that we are not in the same situation, so we are not going to get the same results. Sometimes this helps – while other times it doesn’t.  This was a time that that telling myself that did NOT work.

So instead of letting self-doubt creep in, I need to analyze my product.  This might be what you need to do as well.  

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I giving my project my all?
  • Have I done everything I could in order to get my product in the right hands for affiliates to promote?
  • Is the sales page really great? It might look nice, but does it address the problem and find the solution for people who want or need it? Do I overcome objections?
  • Is the sales page appealing? Do I have enough graphics on it? Are they the right graphics?

I know the answer to these questions, but you need to find them for yourself.

For my situation, I launched a product and then decided spur of the moment to put up another one on a hot topic, plus I was also working on another project.

Do you see what I was doing wrong?

I was spreading myself way too thin and wasn’t focusing or giving it my all to any of them.  Is this what is happening with you?

The answer for me was to concentrate on one project at a time. Trying to work on multiple projects and give attention to three separate ones was not giving any of them the proper attention that they needed. I was putting most of my effort into the product because there was still a lot of tasks that needed to be done, but I was still trying to do all of the others as well.

As for the sales pages, I took another look at it and decided to add additional graphics that are more appealing, as well as work on the headlines and wording on the copy.  It turned out better after I did that.

So the answer is to kick self-doubt to the curb and don’t let it paralyze you with fears instead take action! I had to realize that there is more that I could do to change the situation and get it done.  Not doubt everything I had done and put effort into.

Self-doubt has no place in my mind or my business! It also doesn’t have a place in yours.


I’m curious what you do self-doubt starts creeping in for you.  How do you deal with it? Please leave a comment below.

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