Love Ideas – But Have No Focus

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I love, love, love ideas! I can come up with ideas all day long. Usually, these are ideas on businesses or online projects that I want to start. I can brainstorm all the ways to make money, topics to write, products to make and marketing that I can do.

Then I go on to the next idea. I truly love to do these brainstorming sessions, but then I get frustrated because I don’t actually follow through and see if they will work.

A few weeks ago I was in this vicious cycle..and that is EXACTLY what it is. I get overwhelmed, start to get paralysis analysis and then I move onto the next “big idea”.

Do you do this?  Find an idea that you absolutely love and then once you realize that you have to start implementing all of those great ideas the self-doubt starts to creep in?

You might find that you do this even when you have an online project or business that you’re working on and all you need to do is grow that instead of coming up with new ideas.

Because the truth is that I’ve got a business that I’m growing and when I start thinking about the next big idea my business suffers. I don’t put as much effort into coming up with ideas for it.

In December I started thinking about joining a mastermind/coaching program and I’m so thankful that I did.

For the last year, I have had no avatar. I am in a pretty small niche and always thought that I didn’t need one. All of the buyers in that niche were my “ideal customer”. The truth of the matter is that they aren’t.

My business is a little unusual – I write content and create graphics for bloggers and small business owners for an affordable price.  They can use it as their own.

The best way I’ve learned to explain it is with a grocery store. Most grocery stores have their own brands. Those products are usually made at a manufacturing company that make the same product for a whole bunch of companies and then put the product in boxes that have different product name and logo on it.  So instead of each company making their own cereal, they all have one company do it and then put their brand on it.

My business online is similar, but with content. Content and graphics are created for others to use in their business as their own.  Then I sell the content to multiple people so that it is affordable to everyone.

So I decided to go with the topic that I create the most of which is the health nice. This year I will concentrate on helping health bloggers, personal trainers, wellness coaches, nutritionists and other small businesses that cater to this niche.

My point is that I had to focus on my ideal customers so that I had a clear vision of what I need to be creating this year.

Without focus, it can be a struggle to make the internet business happen. Sometimes you can get stuck the learning phase and not the doing. Going from course to course, webinar to webinar and product to product. This is a vicious cycle.

If this sounds like you the very first thing I would say is to just start on one of your ideas and stick with that single thing for 6 months to a year.

During that year you’re going to want to quit. You’re going to question whether this is right for you. You’re going to get frustrated and overwhelmed and so many more feelings.

Believe me, I know – I’ve been there!

Stick it out and learn what it is going to teach you. Even if something doesn’t go the way you expected that doesn’t mean you failed – instead it’s a learning experience.

Your first idea might not be what you’re meant to do, but it will be a stepping stone in the right direction. You’ll learn valuable skills along the way for when that right idea does make itself known!

Don’t give up. Use the time to learn through trial and error instead of reading about it implement and take action.

Have a great and productive day!


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