Is Your Home Life Constantly Invading Your Work Life?

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Is Your Home Life Constantly Invading Your Work Life?

Not every entrepreneur has the financial means or even the desire to rent an office space outside of their home. For some, working from home is part of the perk of being their own boss.

This is a wonderful situation when it works as it’s intended to. However, what many people discover is that the two worlds collide and seep into one another’s space, making it hard to enjoy down time when you are off work and making it hard to focus when you are supposed to be working.

If you are a work at home entrepreneur, it’s important for you to differentiate between the two worlds so that you can maximize your efforts for both. One of the things that often frustrates solo entrepreneurs is that they will be trying to work on their business and suffer constant interruptions by their loved ones.

It might be a spouse who likes to chit chat all day, or rambunctious children who are loud or frequently needing your attention. Instead of staying frustrated about this kind of situation, you have to set boundaries and make preparations for times when you need to focus and others are occupying the same space as you.

For example, you might need to carve out a small space within your home that is dedicated to work where people can be told not to disturb you unless it’s an emergency when you are in there.

There’s a way to say this so that it is firm, yet loving. You don’t have to be rude and abrasive when you shut people out. With children, if they are old enough to understand and take care of themselves, it’s perfectly acceptable to have a discussion with them about the importance of giving you time to focus when you need it.

However, some people work from home so that they can raise their little ones. They don’t always understand the need for peace and quiet during work. Therefore, you may need to make different arrangements for the situation.

That might mean bringing in a babysitter to watch your kids in your own home while you are there. Or, it might mean that you work different hours, such as when the kids are down for their nap or asleep for the night.

It’s not always those who live in your home who interrupt you, either. Sometimes, it’s friends and other family members or even neighbors who pop in because they don’t understand that working from home still means working, so boundaries have to be set for them, too.

And then there’s a situation where you are your own worst enemy. Working from home can also mean that you allow your home life to invade your work time with distractions. You might be sitting there working on a project, but get distracted by some clutter that needs to be cleaned up around the house.

This is something that wouldn’t necessarily affect someone working outside of the home. They would simply deal with it when they returned home after a full day of work. But you might use the distractions in your home as a way to procrastinate from your work duties.

Try to take note of what is blurring between the two worlds, and try to find a way to separate them so that you can enjoy your time at home, yet take advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities  you’ve chosen to pursue.

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