Work-Life Balance Is Not an Excuse to Avoid Putting in Effort

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Work-Life Balance Is Not an Excuse to Avoid Putting in Effort

There’s a new and very popular movement in every industry for career professionals to strive for proper work life balance. While it has always existed to some degree, the momentum it has gained in the mainstream media is what is new.

Stress levels for both men and women of all ages have been rising over the years. But with the onset of the pandemic, where more people were beginning to work from home and see the lines blurred between their personal and professional lives, it has soared.

When people begin to consider work life balance, it’s usually in an effort to reclaim some of their personal time that has been infringed on by their professional career. Whether they work for a corporation or are online entrepreneurs, the problem is the same.

There has been a push in the past for people to work more hours and give up the personal freedoms and flexibility that you deserve. Now, they are pushing back on that idea and understanding the importance of self-care and personal satisfaction.

What happens when people wake up to this idea, is they do one of two things. The first is that they inch back toward a more balanced schedule, where their personal and professional lives are getting equal attention.

This is the goal for most people, and is what is a wise compromise for you to make. Your personal life is attended to, and your professional life continues on an upward path as well.

It’s the second option that causes some problems. With this scenario, people go too far in devoting more effort to their personal lives, at the expense of their business one. It’s almost as if they are seeing it as a form of payback for the time they gave up.

Instead of achieving an actual balance between these two worlds, they go overboard in nurturing their personal life, which sounds wonderful, but they neglect their career and then suffer the consequences.

Just because you may have recognized that you have been giving too much to your professional life, maybe even for years, it’s no excuse for you to now ignore your work duties in favor of relaxation and down time.

If you do this, you will eventually cause yourself more frustration because you will have to course correct and suddenly give up a routine of ease and have to try to catch up with all of the work projects that you have missed.

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